By Gerry St Onge

Clear mirrors reflect a whole, Edenic, integrative (yes, brave) new world 😉!

WTM USA founder Gerry St Onge with WTM Ballarat Centre founder Angela Ryan holding FREEDOM

It was wonderful to meet with fellow WTM member Angela (founder of the WTM Ballarat Centre) and her brother Tom a few days after the new year right here in Pennsylvania! It was like sitting down with family!!! I got goosebumps on my goosebumps several times!

Two and a half hours flew by and as I reflect on the fun of the connection and the conversation, I am recognizing the significant value of meeting with and talking with someone who is active in stepping aside of their conditioned game and celebrating this transformational truth and what it means to everything. It’s a no BS zone. No BS that shows up when we are unaware of our conditioning and our well-practiced obsession with producing a steady flow of egocentric, narcissistic, self-validation; that BS that sticks out like a sore thumb in this amazingly honest interaction! For me, this is FREEDOM! This is a community standing on the solid ground of this slam-dunk-sure-thing-scientifically-proven, radical, revolutionary and transformation truth about us! And, in that light of truth, we discover a whole new (yes Edenic!) world and the BS just dissolves away, and we chuckle about it when we discover that Eden was always here! 😊

WTM USA founder Gerry St Onge with WTM Ballarat Centre founder Angela Ryan and her brother Tom

As fellow WTM member Stefan from Austria shared in his recent TED talk, quoting TS Elliot, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”. Otherwise… HOME.

Clear mirrors are for-sure amazing and super-valuable gifts that we give to ourselves and each other! Clear mirrors reflect the unfettered light of the Soul, all-connected and in synch with the integrative meaning of life!

So much to celebrate!!!


By Gerry St Onge

Collage of the book FREEDOM in front of the Main Street Frenchtown street sign and Leunig understandascope cartoon with the American flag in the background

Transparency is a good thing. It can be uncomfortable though, especially if something has been hidden for a while. Secrecy does not serve us. Secrets are prison bars in our lives and in our society. Honesty, real authenticity… transparency is so refreshing and can be so freaking scary but the rush that comes with leaning into profound understanding is just so exhilarating!

There is a thrill in the waves of anxiety as you hold fast in that wind on this solid-ground-knowing, based on a whole, new, reinforced-with-experience, rooted in basic logic and scientific proof… truth about us! It delivers a powerful healing from the Soul out, as you experience an increasingly calm state from which anxiety does pass right through with nothing to hang onto; no sticky secrets to get all tangled-up in.

So, are you also observing the waves of transparency here in the USA? Question: What gets through things that are transparent? Light, right?!

As individuals, as a nation, and a species on planet Earth, transparency and honesty serves us so well; saves us from ourselves and the tyranny of our secrets!

Transparency is FREEDOM!

Yes, FREEDOM, The End of the Human Condition” is a full read, but the amazing thing is that the underlying core idea in Jeremy Griffith’s work is remarkably simple; just the result of a thorough root cause analysis on what makes us tick, and a really refreshing whole new insight and perspective about our psyche, through a wonderful new understanding about the biological development of our nervous system. This leap in understanding boldly exposes a deep forbidden psychological secret that has crippled human beings across the generations and that has launched us on this beautiful planet like bulls in a china factory; flailing around in our ignorant upset, egocentric, even narcissistic states; so very destructive.

Without understanding of the overwhelming evidence of our destructive human behavior, we had no other option than to form the distressing conclusion that there must be something wrong with us as a species and as individuals and thus employ a deep denial of this super-dark-but-false assumption-and-misreading of truth about us. And so was born the all pervading, seductive false-truth excuse from modern established mechanistic science that tells us that our instincts are savage, aggressive, and competitive. BUT as this bold new knowledge reveals, our upset, destructive human condition is a psychological one, and has actually been the heroic and crucial price we had to pay in order to fufill our conscious mind and gain understanding of our world and ultimately ourselves!

If Jeremy’s discovery is a true and accurate description of, and a totally accountable explanation of, all human behavior, as I have remarkably found it to be, then these are really exciting times we are living in; a time of great transformation because a psychosis can be healed with understanding and on the other side of breaking out of the prison of our secrets is a truly transformed-lifeforce-state and a return to our natural Edenic world experience. That is what is on offer for the human race now, and for our own nation, and for each one of us individually as we ride the waves of transparency with their liberating understandings, right on home. 😊


By Gerry St Onge

Word art in the shape of human head

I want to share what I consider a real “golden nugget” that came up in one our recent global WTM meetings where we discuss Jeremy Griffith's biological explanation of the human condition – an explanation that enables the most comprehensive understanding of human behaviour you can possibly imagine! – and the transformation it makes possible.

A member in Western Canada raised the idea about language and what meaning we decided to place in the words we use, and how powerfully our language projects into the very world that we experience… suggesting that a new world experience would naturally surface new language.

Makes sense, right? It really does!

P.D. Ouspensky ((1878 – 1947) Russian esotericist, known for his expositions of the early work of the Greek-Armenian teacher of esoteric doctrine George Gurdjieff) writes about this dynamic relationship between language and our transformation in his book, “The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution”. In his proposed new definition of the word, “understanding”, Ouspensky writes, “The outer circle, (Plato’s ‘Cave World’) in which we live, has several names, designating its different features. It is called the mechanical circle. Because everything happens there, everything is mechanical, and the people who live there are machines. It is also called the circle of confusion of tongues, because people who live in this circle all speak different languages and never understand one another. Everyone understands everything differently… The very first step in this work (our transformation as human beings) is the study of a new language. You may ask: ‘What is this language we are studying?’… It is the language of the inner circle (our Soul integrated and free state), the language in which people can understand one another.”

While Ouspensky wonderfully laid out the role that changing language plays in human transformation, Jeremy Griffith has demonstrated this truth with some wonderful new-world language that is blossoming from this newly discovered universal truth about us and how we really tick.

  • Resignation
  • The Integrative Meaning of Life and Negative Entropy
  • Moral Instincts
  • The Deaf Effect
  • The Human Condition
  • Mechanistic Reductionist Science
  • Instinct versus Intellect
  • Pseudo Idealism

…Just to name a few…

As Professor and Psychologist Harry Prosen writes in the introduction to FREEDOM, “The great impasse to fully understanding ourselves and our world has finally been breached. This truly is it, the day of days, the coming of our species’ moment of liberation…” Its quite a claim to make, right? But what if it is true?

I invite you to dive into this information for yourself!

I have, and I find it amazingly, completely accountable!

The WTM website is an absolute smorgasbord of information! The 1st 4 videos on the website homepage are designed to provide a most thorough introduction, so that’s a good place to start. And please do reach back with your experience with it, and with this new language, and join in our new world conversation. 😊

Total and absolute freedom is one idea away car bumper sticker


By Gerry St Onge

Looking in the mirror, what do you see?

If you do not see an amazing natural, organic, life-force-being with a glorious, integrative, understanding-seeking, naturally-beautiful, all-connected, altruistic, loving and nurturing Soul, then you are blinded by the “human condition”, as Plato described philosophically in 360 BC, and as Jeremy Griffith, Australian biologist, fully and accountably explains with 1st principle scientific proof.

If this is true, then we human beings now have a whole new apparatus to end all the suffering that we are experiencing and causing on this planet. When we human beings free ourselves from our psychologically debilitating, good-and-evil-conflicted, human condition, then we all can instantly return to EDEN which, as we discover, has always been here. We have simply been blocked from access to it through the thick invisible false-wall that is projected from our human conditioned deep psychosis caused by a deep, deep, generationally imprinted, psychological repression.

This breakthrough is particularly exciting for we USA folk in that the spirit of this knowing (understanding) is reflected in the very founding words from our Declaration of Independence. As Jeremy describes, “The equality of goodness of all people is a first-principle-established, fundamental and universal truth now. Humanity no longer has to rely on dogmatic assertions that ‘all men are created equal’, purely on the basis that it is a ‘self-evident’ truth, as the United States’ Declaration of Independence asserts, because we can now explain, understand and know that the equality of all humans is a fundamental truth. We can now understand why everyone is equally worthy, and that no one is superior or inferior, and that everyone deserves the ‘rights’ of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. Prejudice, the view that some individuals, races, genders, generations, countries, civilizations or cultures are either superior or inferior to others, is eliminated by understanding of the human condition. In fact, with understanding of the human condition the concepts of good and bad, superior and inferior, worthy or unworthy, disappear from our conceptualization of ourselves” (Freedom Expanded Book 1: The Biology).

This is a perfect storm for us now! The “Integrative Meaning of Life” brings us to this amazing phase/shift development of our species as we pierce through the shroud of our deep psychological denial, in the reintegration of our psyche (Soul) in the pure light of the Sun, as we all stand up gloriously into our natural role as the heroes of the whole story of life on Earth!

I hope and trust that everyone in this country and across the globe will dive into this new insight for themselves, a new breakthrough understanding that has been expressed by great thinkers throughout history, that is now backed up in the purity and beauty of simple logic. On the other side of the debilitating psychological blind spot that is the human condition, is a glorious sunshine highway where EDEN reappears 😊.

Come on! Dive in!

a trio of images - wild animals on the plains in Africa, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and a group of happy similing children

Images from Chapter 5 of FREEDOM

Read more about ‘The Origin of Humans’ Unconditionally Selfless, Altruistic, Moral Instinctive Self or Soul’ in Chapter 5 of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.